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Here is some memories from founding members, Howard: OSCAR purchased a broadcast quality tape recorder and a junior ABC presenter by the name I think of Sue Lowe did some training and we taped interviews with local identities to record their lives and talk about history.


Bette McC and Bruce did a morning show and it included a kids segment which was brilliant. I did an evening program with Bruce where he played some appalling music often starting with

"The Mexican hat dance" and I played some live stuff on guitar being aided or hindered by locals like the Rawson's and Olsen, all good fun.


Paul G did heaps of technical work. I believe a Melbourne commercial TV station (can't remember which) filmed the trio of Rawson and Olsen and put it to air.


Bruce conceded he had the largest collection of what he called music without ever owning a record player.


Bruce: A few random thoughts and memories, a bit vague and incomplete, but hope may be useful. I do remember a meeting at Omeo Hospital, which may have been the first public meeting to get OSCAR started. I think Sally A (and maybe Maureen W) invited me, and maybe they had spoken to me about it before that. I assume because they knew I had been a programme maker and presenter on ABC Access Radio 3ZZ, and Community Radio 3CR, in Melbourne around 1972-1978. I think Sally A had a role in securing the funding support. Maybe also Bruce S Paul G was the Telecom technician. Vic W may have been there, and Monica M?

I think Graeme D was probably at the meeting. I cannot remember if you were at that meeting, or whether I roped you in afterwards. I think that was the meeting that discussed the possible name, and decided on OSCAR (Omeo Shire Community Access Radio), and the mascot of the koala. I also remember we later organized a technical training meeting (also at Omeo Hospital, I think) with someone from radio outside the Shire. Again, Sally A and Maureen W probably know who.


This was for people interested in learning how to make radio programs and drive the equipment. I seem to recall many students from SCHS were there. The only student name that comes to mind would be Adam M, with whom I would later present variety programmes (I believe he went on to become a journalist). Maureen may still have his contact, as the email address I had has been invalid for ages.


Later, Graeme D and I worked on getting programs and program makers together for the test broadcasts at Mt. Sam studio hut, and designed the printed posters and program schedules, etc. I well remember doing it at Graeme's house in the old and slow ways by hand, cutting and pasting before computers!


For the several test broadcast weeks at Mt. Sam, I stayed days and overnight in the radio hut, to light up the wood fire to thaw things out, switch things on, present the breakfast show, fill in any gaps in the program, assist programme presenters during the day and night, do some evening shows with Howard and others, turn things off at the end of the night/early morning, and try to sleep a few hours before doing it again. It was surreal and fun. You can add more details of things we did... interviews at Omeo Show, etc., tapes of programs.

There may be some useful documents and stuff in my folders of papers in Cassilis North, if anyone has the time and inclination to rummage through. If more thoughts pop in to mind, will let you know. Good luck doing the history...

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